Scott Danger Bravo "NY Smile" album

"NY Smile" is an experiment in musical pleasure, both for those who are a fan of classical,blues/folk-like licks, and for fans of rock who love to hear harmonic music played fast, tight, and splendidly. ...Each song on the cd has a story. One track "Stabby with the cabbie" chronicles his life life as a taxi driver in Newport News VA, while others, such as "Praying to St. Paul" pay homage to his time spent in Minnesota. Bravo's playing style is ultra fast, and listening to NY Smile is like listening to a Spanish Flamenco concert-just as haunting, just as beautiful, just as impressive however with more freedom from tradition, and more personal expression. For those who LOVE melodic, acoustic music don't hesitate to pick up a copy of NY Smile."

~Mark Ziobro, Utica Phoenix 

NY Smile album @ iTunes