Scott Danger Bravo - Guitarist

Scott “Danger” Bravo is an acoustic, instrumental, guitarist from NYC. It wasn’t always that way though…

Scott was born and raised in Syracuse NY and started his musical journey as a hard core and metal guitarist. Finding little future in the upstate music scene he moved to Minneapolis in 2000. He briefly performed in the seminal mid west metal band Collapse before discovering Tommy Emmanuel in 2003. He’d never be the same. After hearing Tommy’s album “Only” Scott sold all of his electric gear and dedicated himself solely to the acoustic instrumental genre. In 2004 he recorded his first full album and went on tour across the country. Scott played anywhere and everywhere that would book him. By 2007 he had signed a record deal with Ohio record label RockShot Records and released his jazziest album to date. ”Bemusement Park”. More tours and an opening slot for Boston ft Fran Cosmo followed. In 2009 Scott moved back to Syracuse and released his “NY Smile” album. He spent the vast majority of 2009-2013 on the road up and down the east coast steadily building a following. In 2013 he moved to NYC where he still resides. In 2015 he released his 6th album “Yes…But With Shades of Grey” on Divine Wine Music. Since 2015 he has consistently been on the road and performing locally up to 250 shows a year. On June 7th 2018 he is set to release the first of 3 EPs titled Acoustisexual.

Style: While technically existing in the “fingerstyle” genre Scott is not a strict finger picker. He plays a hybrid style, now known in the genre as “sloth” style. He holds the pick and uses only his thumb. As a matter of fact he is one of only a handful of players genre wide that use a pick at all.  His influences are clear and present and they include Zakk Wylde, Steve Vai, Al DiMeola, John 5, Adrian Legg, Tommy Emmanuel and Slash. His music ranges from soft and mellow to bluesy, jazz infused shred licks (often over a looped backing track) that leave the audience thoroughly entertained and impressed.

Endorsers: Scott endorses and is endorsed by the following companies: Furch Guitars, John Pearse Strings, Sunburst Gear (amplification) K&K Pickups, AXVA Clothing, and Journey Instruments